The author wishes to thank the following individuals for their valuable assistance in completing this project:

Jack Mord and The Thanatos Archive for providing the funeral photograph used on the website's home page.  

Mary Ann Anderson, Deputy Clerk of District Court for McLean County in North Dakota, for providing copies of important court records and for offering other assistance, advice and encouragement;

Jack McDonald, Bismarck lawyer and long-time friend, for his valuable assistance in the early stages of research and for his continued support and encouragement;

Ted Smith, Law Librarian for the North Dakota Supreme Court Law Library, for his help in tracking down important pieces of information that helped complete the story;

James Davis, Head of Reference, and Greg Wysk, Reference Specialist, both with the North Dakota Heritage Center, for their assistance during the research trips to Bismarck;

Staff at the North Dakota Supreme Court for their help in providing archival information from the 1921 appeal;

Michael Rempfer, German translator, Bismarck, for his translation assistance and for important translations from German language publications that provided information that would not have been otherwise available;

Brent Edison, Bismarck lawyer, and Jaci Edison, for helpful discussions from an early draft of the manuscript and for their generous hospitality during a final research trip to Bismarck;

Kiesa Kay, a virtual friend now in North Carolina, for her encouragement and helpful suggestions after reading one of the earliest drafts of the manuscript;

David Koehser, Minneapolis lawyer, for his prompt and helpful replies to legal questions of all sorts; and

Dick Johnson, Richard Wood, Bob Fletcher and Bill Norrie, all Denver friends, for their encouragement to take on this project and for their continued support through it all.

And last, but certainly note least, my wife, Bernadette, and our daughters, Michelle, Renee and Monique and their families for their interest and unwavering support during the extended time involved in the research and writing for this book.


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